Building Permit Self-Service

You can use the following self-service features to:

  • Register to Receive Automatic Email Notifications on Specific Permits When Updates Take Place
  • View Permit Applications
  • Check Permit Application or Building Permit Status
  • View Plan Reviewer Comment’s
  • Schedule Inspections:
    Inspections scheduled Monday thru Thursday after 6:00 PM will be scheduled for the next business day. Inspections scheduled on Saturday or Sunday will be scheduled on the 2nd business day
  • Find Inspector Contact Information (after 8:30 a.m. on the day of scheduled inspection)
  • View Inspection Results
  • Pay Permit Fees once the permit reviews are approved and status changes to ready for issuance. Please allow “24 business hours” for the payment to be processed and for the digital permit to be automatically emailed

To get started, you must first locate your permit below.

If you need to verify the status of any permit for a legal purpose (i.e. sale of a property) please call the Building Division at 954-921-3335.

Address Search
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Property Address:

To search by property address, enter a partial address and press the "Search" button. If a neighborhood is selected, only the addresses in that neighborhood will be returned. Results will be sorted alphabetically by owner's name.
Please note: Not all properties belong to a neighborhood.

Search Tips:
Do not use periods or other punctuation
Use only numbers for numbered streets (no endings like 'th')
Omit street type (Ave, Blvd etc.)
If nothing is found, try searching by street number only