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AUTHORITY: Section 30.15 of the City of Hollywood Code of Ordinance

Lobbying means communicating directly or indirectly, either in person, by telephone or by letter, or any other form of communication, with any City Commissioner or any member of any decision-making body under the jurisdiction of the City Commission, or any city employee, where the lobbyist seeks to encourage the passage, defeat, modification, or repeal of any item which may be presented for a vote before the City Commission, or any decision-making body under the jurisdiction of the City Commission, which may be presented for consideration by a city employee as a recommendation to the City Commission or decision-making body or any employee making a final city procurement decision.

Lobbyists are required to register for each client prior to lobbying. Additionally, Lobbyists are required to pay an annual One Hundred Dollar ($100) registration fee for each employer and submit a statement of annual expenditure and contingency fees.

This registration covers the period August 01, 2022 - July 31, 2023

I, the undersigned, do hereby swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information furnished below is true (Check each box below).
I am the person who has signed up for, and is identified by, my password and user ID as the lobbyist.
I understand that I may not share my password or user ID with any other person, because my password and user ID are the equivalent of my signature.
I understand that I must register as a lobbyist in the City of Hollywood for each Employer/Client whom I am representing  prior to engaging in my lobbying activities.
I am authorized by each Employer/Client by whom I am employed to legally certify and make filings required by the City of Hollywood Lobbying Law.
I understand that I will be personally and legally liable for the veracity, accuracy, and timeliness of all information submitted under my password and user ID, including any information filed without my consent or knowledge, as a result of any failure by me to safeguard and keep confidential my password and user ID.
I accept all applicable legal and financial liabilities, including for perjury, if any submitted information is not true, complete, or timely filed.
I understand that if I authorize anyone else to perform data entry tasks for required filings on my behalf, it will still be my responsibility to review, file, and sign these entries certifying the completeness and accuracy of such filings.
I agree to use the City of Hollywood's Lobbyist Registration Application to file all reports and statements required by Section 30.15 of the City of Hollywood Code of Ordinances.
I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to advise the Office of the City Clerk within 10 days if I am no longer responsible for making filings for any Employer/Client pursuant to the City of Hollywood Lobbying Law.
I further acknowledge that the deadline by which the timeliness of required electronic filings will be judged is 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time on the final day of the filing period. The filings made electronically in the e-Lobbyist application shall be made in accordance with the City of Hollywood Lobbying Ordinance; shall contain complete and accurate statements; and shall contain all information required by law for the time period in question.